52 Days of Focus – Begin TODAY!

This is an encore of the blog I posted last year at this time with the exception of changed date.   Enjoy your next 52 Days of Focus!

It was early Spring last year and the pasture was sprinkled with these precious little yellow flowers.  They looked so beautiful, a field of yellow, and I made that comment to the Farmer.  The Farmer explained to me that this dangerous little yellow flower had no value whatsoever for this pasture and if left unchecked, it could actually kill the growth of the nutritious clover and grass needed to sustain his herd of cattle.



It occurred to me that many times when I have dreams of where I want to take my life and business or deepen my walk of faith, and then I formulate a plan which would make that dream come true,  the “little yellow flowers” spring up.  They look so pretty and harmless – but they are LETHAL to our dreams because they distract and take the focus off the goal.  Distractions can take many forms – idle phone conversations, internet surfing, mindless television, too much sleep, or……. little yellow flowers.  The Scripture tells us it is the “….little foxes that spoil the vine….”

For more than a year,  I have used a plan I have labeled  “52 Days of Focus” for implementing changes into my life and business.  The calendar year can be divided into seven equal 52 days periods – with one day left over  (two days this year).  At the beginning of each time period, I set the goals I want to achieve during the 52 days and the action steps it will take to achieve that goal.

At the beginning of this 52 day period , I decide on the areas of my life which need improvement –  faith, family, finances, friends, fun, fitness or  field of expertise.   The challenge during this time is to stay FOCUSED on the goals which I have set.   Focus requires that I set boundaries and priorities for my time.  It is not IF but WHEN distractions will come!  The “little yellow flowers” will spring up in the most unexpected places.

The Farmer was very proactive with his ruthless extermination of the  little yellow flowers.  He was on a mission to destroy and annihilate  these seemingly harmless plants which could potentially hinder the health and well-being of his herd.

So we must be with protecting our dreams and goals.  We set our priorities and formulate our action plans – and then we must build the fences  of protection around those areas of importance.   What is it we really want to achieve with our business?  How deep do we want our relationship with God to be?  How close do we want to be with our families?

This past Saturday (July 27) started the next 52 days of focus for me (the 1st day of the 4th  section of 52 days).  Just like the Farmer – I have to be ruthless with the distractions which will invariably come into my life.     They may seem innocent – but they are not!  52 days of focus can change your life – but beware of the yellow flowers!

Do you have a plan for the next 52 days of the year?  If not, why not!


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  • Brian Gardner

    Here’s to the next 52 Days.

    • http://www.SevenPillarsOfSuccess.Net Louise Thaxton